Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Some new art- chick graphic mixed media

My good friend Alicia commissioned this piece as a 21st birthday present for her sister Nadia. It was so fun to make! First, I drew a chick graphic (hottie style) for her based on some photos that I had of her. She's so beautiful - and she has amazing talent doing makeup (the photo doesn't do her justice), especially her eyes. I did her hair wild and crazy as an nod to Medusa and resembles Nadia's hair when she takes it out of French braids. Silver paint brush strokes for highlights, bling, painted background, cardboard, mesh (from an auto upholstery shop!) and various papers and word strips finish it off. I got the frame from Aaron Bros. and even though the artwork was somewhat 3-dimensional, it still fit under the glass after I removed the extra piece of cardboard filler in the frame. Nadia LOVE LOVE LOVED it! It was so fun to make for Nadia and I'm so pleased that she thought it looked just like her!

I'd love to create more!

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