Sunday, July 25, 2010

Publish your own magazine!

Okay, I've always loved reading and looking at magazines and I just found this site called MagCloud (from the HP people) where you can publish your own magazine and it's easy and not expensive at all. You design your magazine in PDF format, upload it, they send a proof, you approve it and then you can purchase copies to use yourself (think portfolio, calendar, etc.) or it can be listed on the MagCloud site for others to purchase. So cool! I'm thinking it would be a cool project to make a 'magazine' and have it be the yearly holiday family newsletter.

IDEAS: For fun or fundraising, you could use MagCloud to do print-on-demand recipe books, complete with full-color beautiful pictures of your yummy recipes. Stylists - use this to create a before and after portfolio of your work. Writers and authors could use this to write short stories. You could design a calendar showcasing anything you love. I love it!

How much does it cost?

The cost of your issue to end users will be the production cost (currently $0.20 per page), plus shipping, plus your own publisher markup (if you specified one). MagCloud will pay you the markup for each copy that is purchased.

You can also go to their site and browse all the magazines that others have published - there are so many topics and of course it's a great way to get inspiration. Check it out!

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