Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Custom senior yearbook ads

My daughter is now a senior in high school and I'm excited because I am going to purchase a senior yearbook ad to tell her how proud we are of her. Of course I am going to design something totally cool for her since we think she's totally amazing so I thought I'd also do this for anyone else who wants a really nice senior yearbook ad. I mean, why not? If you are going to spend the money for the ad, it's nice that the ad looks good to, right? I am busy with quite a few projects, but I've managed to squeeze in some designs that I just uploaded to my store at ClaraWallace.com. Right now I have 10 designs that are more geared towards girls, but I'm working on some that are for the guys too, so check back soon. All the graphics were made by me and I can further customize the layouts with additional photos, quotes, etc.

Deadlines for our school yearbook's 'early bird' pricing is October 5 and we just got a letter home from the yearbook company with details on purchasing a senior ad so now is the time to order! Please pass this along to your friends who have graduating seniors! I'll post on my Facebook fan page too...

See the designs/layouts I have done in my store

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